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Discovered over a century ago by Dr. Daniel David Palmer, the art and science of Chiropractic medicine has been evolving ever since. At one time, the medical community was deeply skeptical of the practice, which threatened to take patients away from mainstream medicine. Today, Chiropractic treatment is recognized as an important means of maintaining musculoskeletal health and of treating a wide range of chronic pain conditions.
Here at Quarry Park Chiropractic and Wellness Centre in Calgary, AB, Canada, our practice revolves around C
hiropractic medicine and Massage Therapy. But of course, we do much more than just provide treatment - we give you back your quality of life! If you’re not sure whether Chiropractic treatment is right for you, you might start with Massage therapy and take some info on Chiropractic home with you and contact us with any questions, we'd be happy to help.
Chiropractors are among the leading healthcare professionals when it comes to the effective treatment of chronic pain. Treatment is non-invasive and convenient. To learn more, contact us to book an assessment and speak with our experts.