7 Tools for Success in a
Post-COVID World

Day 1: Introduction & We're In This Together

In this video, our owner Dr. Claudia Sacco, BSc, DC, introduces a series of health tips for the challenges we are currently facing and professional recommendations to help us live well in spite of it all.

Day 2: The Elephant in the Room - Part 1

Tips for keeping a routine and the difference between being alone vs. lonely

Day 2: The Elephant in the Room - Part 2

Tips for stress relief and mindfulness meditation

Day 3: Germy Hands & Masks

Tips for keeping safe and best practices during COVID

Day 4: Be a 'Skittle' & Taste The Rainbow

Nutrition tips for immunity support

Day 5: Get That Stale Air Out

Strategies for enhancing your respiratory system

Day 6: Blow That Nose Out

Tips for improving airways and supporting your natural defense systems

Day 7: Get Adjusted!

How regular Chiropractic care is crucial for achieving optimal health, wellness and longevity