What Is Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna?

What Are The Benefits of Radiant Heat Therapy?

As endorsed by medical professionals and celebrities alike, enjoy the numerous health benefits of radiant heat experienced in our Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna. Infrared sauna is a safe and effective hyperthermic modality within a Chiropractic preventative wellness care model for optimal health.

While in our private cedar sauna, your body experiences the many health benefits of the full spectrum of light and heat energy produced by sunlight, without the negative effects of the sun’s harmful UV radiation. Infrared rays are the healthiest of the sun’s rays as infrared energy penetrates into your skin deeply and dissolves harmful substances accumulated in your body. Infrared rays revitalize your cells and metabolism. Differing from a conventional sauna or steam room experience, infrared energy gently heats the body directly instead of the air around you making it more efficient and comfortable.

Complete with high intensity Medical Grade Chromotherapy, our wellness oasis offers the deepest penetration of advanced near, mid and far infrared wavelengths 100% of the time to optimize the effectiveness of your sauna experience for the best results.


Your First Visit

Prior to your first visit, please take a few moments to complete your New Patient Intake paperwork online HERE or arrive 5-minutes early to complete a paper version, as this will provide our team with the required information to evaluate your health needs to ensure the utmost care.

During your first visit, you will share information about your health, such as any conditions or medications, and your reasons for seeking sauna therapy at this time. You will review intake with one of our team members during a complete walk through of sauna procedures to ensure patient comfort and safety. Sauna settings can be altered based on individual needs. Towels and hygiene products are provided. You are welcome to bring a book, phone or tablet, we can have spa music or guided meditations of your choosing on for you if you'd like. We encourage you to drink lots of water during your session for ultimate hydration and detox effects.

After your treatment, some homecare recommendations may have been suggested to you including increasing fluid intake and balancing electrolytes, cool bath or shower, ice application and various follow-up treatment. Occasional sessions will ensure best outcomes, physical relief and mental relaxation. Your compliance with our team's recommendations will ensure optimal results!

Some of the numerous benefits of sauna therapy at our clinic include:​

  • Receiving the benefits of our full spectrum sauna for the best penetration of infrared rays, near, mid and far

  • Relief from joint stiffness, muscle soreness, inflammation and chronic pain

  • Combat effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD, also know as 'winter blues')

  • Aid weight loss and improve skin appearance

  • Detoxification and ridding yourself of stored environmental chemicals, enjoy a good sweat!

  • Boost immunity and help fight disease

  • Increased circulation and restoration of good health

  • Relaxation, tranquility and stress relief

  • Enjoy the privacy of a solo or couple experience

  • Commonly fully or partially covered by health insurance plans

Direct billed to insurance under Chiropractic coverage! See booking for intake details and restrictions, mandatory initial assessment with Dr. Sacco or Dr. Mortimer prior to sauna use (unless previously discussed in Chiropractic visit).

Sessions: 20min - $25, 30min - $35, 45min - $40 (save $5!)
Singles and couples welcome - pairs get additional $5 off per person!

A variety of holistic healthcare services and support products complement sauna therapy to help ensure optimal function and prevention of future ailments. Our additional health services and hi-tech modalities include:

Enjoy in a Combined Chiropractic & Modality visit or just a Modality-Only follow-up. Learn more about our wellness services

Direct insurance billing available for all services.
Individual plan restrictions apply. Learn more 




Providing Only the Best

Our clinic utilizes state of the art technologies so our patients can get back to life faster! Powerful Chiropractic modalities including Motion Metascan Gait Analysis, Class IV Laser, Radial Shockwave Therapy/ESWT, Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna and TENS, are often preferred to various treatments (or even surgeries) due to their demonstrated effectiveness and non-invasive nature.

Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna Therapy is utilized in holistic healthcare around the world and praised by medical professionals and celebrities alike and we are thrilled to provide patients access to this effective FDA approved hyperthermic modality. With its ability to penetrate deeply into the whole body, it is ideal for those suffering from joint stiffness, inflammation, sore muscles and chronic pain, and those in need of mental unwind to support cognitive function, manage stress/anxiety and improve sleep.

Offering The "Full Spectrum" of Radiant Heat

Infrared rays, the healthiest of the sun’s rays, penetrates into your skin deeply and dissolves harmful substances accumulated in your body while revitalizing your cells and metabolism. Our clinic is thrilled to offer the full spectrum of infrared rays - near, mid and far for the deepest penetration and health benefits.

  • Near infrared is the shortest wavelength that is absorbed just below the skin’s surface creating a sweat that promotes healing and revitalization.

  • Mid infrared is a longer wavelength that can penetrate deeper into the body’s soft tissues increasing circulation, releasing oxygen to reach injured areas.

  • Far infrared is the longest wavelength which penetrates the fat cells causing vasodilation, where the fat cells vibrate to expel toxins, resulting in the greatest levels of detoxification and stimulate your metabolism to aid in weight-loss.

Frequently Asked Questions

Celebrity Testimonials

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"Studies have shown that infrared sauna can lower blood pressure and eases tension in arteries so you can have improved circulation and blood flow... infrared heat has been shown to have some positive impacts on bones...The American Journal of Cardiology shows that you can burn up to a few hundred calories (per session)."

   - Dr. Stork & Dr. Ordin, TV's 'The Doctors'

"Infrared sauna increases blood circulation, the reason that's important is it gets the heart to beat faster and burns calories....(infrared sauna use) raises metabolism and you sweat out toxins through the skin."

   - Dr. Oz, while on Oprah Winfrey Show

"When my body goes into a spasm one thing I find really helps is infrared sauna...I keep control of pain with infrared sauna. A great investment for everyone, I use mine every day."

   - Lady Gaga, Superstar Performer

"I created my own wellness oasis, complete with an infrared sauna.... just to detox."

   - Miranda Kerr, Victoria's Secret Supermodel

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