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The True Value of Massage Therapy

At one time massage was thought of as nothing more than a way to relax. It was something that people would have done at spas on the weekends after a long work week, more or less as part of a recreational milieu. Today, we know that massage can have genuine medicinal merits when it is done by a professional who is properly trained in the art and science of massage.
The practice comes in many forms and can be a key therapy in relieving a host of chronic pain conditions and musculoskeletal problems. Massage is useful primarily in promoting better blood flow to a given area, in loosening up tight scar-tissue laden muscles and tendons, and in de-constricting interlaced connective tissues that tend to tighten over the course of our lives.
Our multidisciplinary team is well versed in massage therapy. Call or click today to schedule your massage therapy appointment.

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