What Is Naturopathic Medicine?

Naturopathic medicine addresses various health concerns by treating the whole person, taking into account the physical, mental and lifestyle factors affecting the body. 

Offering thorough, individualized treatment and counseling, Naturopathic Doctors (ND's) may support you in addition to conventional medicine alone. By providing comparatively longer appointments, advanced diagnostic testing and investigation, ongoing guidance and alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs or surgery, ND's help empower you in your health so that you may enjoy enhanced quality of life at any age.

A blend of modern scientific knowledge and science-based testing with traditional and natural forms of medicine, Naturopathic medicine focuses on the root causes of dysfunction of illness, supports healing with treatments and therapies, and teaches the principles of healthy living and preventative medicine.

The Naturopathic philosophy is to stimulate the healing power of the body and treat the underlying cause of disease. Symptoms of disease are seen as warning signals of improper functioning of the body that may be indicators of future health problems and unfavourable lifestyle habits. Naturopathic Medicine emphasizes disease as a process rather than as an entity. This means that as health conditions are addressed, optimal bodily function can be restored. By enhancing the body’s own healing abilities through diet, lifestyle and supportive therapies, symptoms of illness are likely to be well-managed or may be completely eliminated.


Following assessment, ND's use a variety of treatments and commonly utilize:

  • Clinical nutrition to examine the relationship between diet and health, function and dysfunction, allergies, special diets, food elimination or variations in eating habits are a core aspect of Naturopathy

  • Nutraceuticals or professional grade nutritional supplements, botanical or homeopathic medicine (herbs, teas, tinctures or capsules) or other natural remedies may be recommended for their healing effects and nutritional value

  • Prevention & lifestyle counseling to identify and address the impact that stress, life events and other environmental factors have on health and assisting patients to make effective lifestyle choices

  • Lab testing to help investigate, diagnose and address 'hidden' causes of illness, as opposed to solely focusing on apparent or 'visible' symptoms

  • Vitamin injection & other therapies such as vitamin B12, B6, C, Immunity and Lipotropic injections to accelerate healing, boost energy, rejuvenate adrenals, improve weight loss efforts and skin appearance, and support optimal bodily systems function


Your First Visit

Prior to your first visit, please take a few moments to complete your New Patient Intake paperwork HERE or arrive 10-minutes early to complete a paper version, as this will provide our ND with the required information to evaluate your health needs to ensure the utmost care.

During your first visit, you will share information about your diet, lifestyle, medications, personal and family health history and your reasons for seeking care at this time. A physical assessment may include basic vitals etc. After a thorough discussion, you and the Doctor will build a preliminary treatment program and establish your health goals. Alongside clinical guidance, you will have access to a variety of modalities and services including injection and IV therapies.

After your treatment, some homecare recommendations may have been suggested to you including diet/herbal and lifestyle modifications and various follow-up treatment. Expect to see our ND closer together to start, and tapering off visits as imbalance is corrected and symptoms subside for best results. Occasional visits to check-in and re-evaluate plan for new obstacles is advisable to prevent future health problems. Your compliance with our team's recommendations will ensure optimal results!

The Benefits of Seeing A Naturopathic Doctor

Some of the numerous benefits of relying on the professional guidance of a licensed ND in our clinic, include:​

  • Improved digestion and GI function, relief of IBS, crohn's, constipation, reflux (heartburn), ulcerative colitis and support celiac disease

  • Increased energy and better sleep, address chronic fatigue syndrome, insomnia, stress, anxiety, depression

  • Improved hormonal health, thyroid/adrenal function and reduced symptoms of imbalance (weight gain, hair loss, cramps, hot flashes etc.), menopause, PCOS, PMS, fertility and pre-conception support

  • Address autoimmune disease, thyroid and other complex conditions such as lupus, multiple sclerosis (MS), type I diabetes, graves' disease, hashimoto's, lyme, parkinson's and support patients with a range of health concerns or no clear diagnosis looking for support to improve quality of life

  • Relief of chronic pain or inflammation, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid and psoriatic arthritis flareups, recurring migraine headaches

  • Promotion of good health, circulation, disease prevention and healing, reduce development of systemic 'lifestyle diseases' such as hypertension (high blood pressure), atherosclerosis (hardening of ateries), blood clots, heart disease (heart attack), stroke, obesity, type II diabetes

  • Support weight loss and management of healthy weight, address metabolism, 'pre-diabetes' and potentially reverse insulin resistance

  • Safe and effective treatment with diet/lifestyle changes and strategies that can be implemented at home plus food allergies/intolerances support

  • Improve skin conditions such psoriasis, excema and acne and healthy aging

  • Immunity and environmental allergies support, asthma, respiratory infections, chronic mononucleosis

  • Effective natural treatment options without unwanted pharmaceutical side effects and improved quality of life for those suffering serious illnesses or those looking to minimize side effects of conventional medicine treatments

  • Explanation and guidance so that you never feel in the dark about your health

  • Cost-effective and reduces impact of costly epidemic of chronic disease in our community

  • Often fully or partially covered by health insurance plans


Naturopathic Doctors are both self-reliant and collaborative and can refer to primary healthcare providers or order public and private lab services, as needed, for ultimate patient-centred care.

Afternoon and evening hours available!

A variety of holistic healthcare services and support products complement Naturopathic treatment to help ensure optimal function and prevention of future ailments. Our additional health services and hi-tech modalities include:

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Providing Only the Best

Our practitioners are dedicated to providing thorough and personable services. Advanced training, expertise and collaboration of our healthcare providers help patients attain improved physical stability, strength and restored mobility, reduced or eliminated pain and degeneration, as well as improved internal health and overall lifestyle.

Our Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine provides a holistic approach to addressing current health concerns and preventing future ailments for optimal systems function. Promoting wellness through many treatments, therapies and counseling, patients will learn how to best support their health goals, restore energy, reduce unwanted side-effects and achieve enhanced quality of life.

Guiding Principles

ND's are dedicated to educating patients in their health by helping 'connect the dots' for greater understanding and providing long-term support and guidance. The guiding principles of Naturopathic Medicine are:

  1. First, do no harm - Primum non nocere
    Provide the most effective health care with the least risk.

  2. Self-healing power of nature - Vis medicatrix naturae
    Recognize, respect and promote the body's inherent power to heal itself.

  3. Treat the causes - Tolle causum
    Strive to diagnose and remove the causes of illness rather than eliminate or suppress symptoms.

  4. Doctor as teacher - Docere
    Educate patients, inspire rational hope and encourage self-responsibility for health.

  5. Treat the whole person - Tolle totum
    Take into account all the influences on health for each person they treat.

  6. Health promotion, the best prevention - Praevenire
    Promote health as a way to prevent disease for individuals, communities and our world

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