Supporting Quality of Life

Increasing the tools in our arsenal to ensure optimal health outcomes for our patients, we stock top quality nutritional supplements, functional postural braces, rollers and pain relievers to ensure that you are set up for success on all levels. Improve muscle and joint function, headaches, stress, sleep and cognitive support, address inflammation, digestion, boost breast milk supply and more!

Pain Relief & Rehabilitation Support

Relieve Pain & Swelling

Manage pain with Biofreeze and TENS, reduce inflammation, numb uncomfortable areas and improve pain tolerance

Correct Your Posture

The PostureMedic is a posture reminding resistance band that helps you stretch, strengthen and stabilize your back

Protect Muscles & Joints

Support joint mobility externally with KT Tape, improve elasticity internally with JointSoothe and relax sore muscles

Reduce Stiffness &
Improve Flexibility

Roll out stiffness and stretch areas of tightness, stabilize your neck, back, shoulders, glutes, hips, legs and feet

Improve Alignment
with Orthotics

Custom Footmaxx orthotic foot insoles improve optimal gait biomechanics, correct dysfunction, reduce pain and degeneration of joints from toe to head!
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Support Neck, Low Back, SI & Pregnancy

Back braces, SI belts and neck traction units can support proper vertebral decompression and improve instability

Professional Grade Nutraceuticals

Sore Muscles
& Inflammation

Reduce swelling and relax sore muscles with magnesium, curcuminoids, quercetin and nettles, protect cells against oxidative damage

Stress & Sleep

Promote relaxation and calm, support healthy catecholamine levels, manage stress and anxiety, improve mood, promote better sleep


Support optimum gastrointestinal (GI) health, healthy gut flora, permeability, better nutrient absorption and immunity

Joint & Bone

Top quality Designs for Health products for cartilage, ligament and tendon repair, support lubrication, free movement and healthy function of joints

Chronic Fatigue &
Adrenal Rejuvenation

Support overall adrenal function for those under chronic stress, rejuvenate glands and promote healthy cortisol levels

Immunity &
Flu Season Support

Support healthy immune system function with bioflavonoids, antimicrobials and antioxidants

Migraine Headaches
& Concussions

Utilize magnesium and curcuminoids to reduce inflammation, promote relaxation and support mild cognitive impairment

Thyroid &
Hormone Support

Support healthy endocrine function, maintain healthy glucose and insulin levels and reduce hormonal imbalances

General Wellness
& Heart Health

Maintain daily vitamin and mineral requirements and support heart, brain and eye health with adequate Omegas

QPC Market

Pregnancy, Breastfeeding
& Baby Support

Offering popular organic products from Rumina Naturals including prenatal vitamins, lactation support tinctures to boost milk supply, tallow lotion, nipple cream and baby rump cream

Loose Leaf Teas

Reduce inflammation with Pain-Be-Gone, detox with Weekend Warrior, boost energy with Rise & Shine, ease into sleep with Nightie-Night and restore with Sick Day

Epsom Salts

Relax sore muscles with jars of scented epsom salts including London Fog, Lumber Jack, and Walk in the Woods. *Mix and match with teas, only $8 each or 2 for $15!

NEW! Milk Jar Candles

We are also a proud stockist of Milk Jar Candle Co!  Locally made, 50-hour burn, all natural soy with wood wick, $1 from every candle donated to a youth charity in Calgary #shoplocal #shopyyc

NEW! Buffalo Strong

QPC has collaborated with Milk Jar to create our Buffalo Strong candle which can be purchased in our clinic, $5 from every candle will go to our clinic's chosen charity of the month. Learn more about our community giving here and consider contributing to our monthly donation fund  below. #facethestorm #surthrive


Give the Gift of Health

Do you have friends or family members who put themselves last? Perhaps they don't have extended healthcare coverage or can't seem to make the time to prioritize health? You know and we know that they would benefit from our expertise and tools, so why not give them the gift of health!

of the numerous benefits of our health and wellness services and products include:

  • Safe, effective, non-invasive care for all ages

  • Improved posture, movement and overall function

  • Prevention of degenerative conditions or pain

  • Enhanced quality of life

A variety of holistic healthcare services and support products help ensure optimal function and prevention of future ailments. Our wellness services and hi-tech modalities include:

We have special pediatric, student, first responder & senior discounted Chiropractic rates! 

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Direct insurance billing available for all services.
Individual plan restrictions apply. Learn more



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