What Is Traditional Acupuncture?

What Are The Benefits of 'TCM'?

Registered traditional acupuncture treatment is the perfect complement to both our wellness model and to your internal health.


Acupuncture is a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practice that consists of gently inserting and stimulating tiny, sterile, disposable needles at strategic points on the surface of the body connecting pathways called 'meridian points'.

With the objective of boosting or tonifying areas of deficiency, purging or clearing areas of surplus, dispersing, regulating or moving "Qi" ("Chi" or "energy"), invigorating stagnation, harmonizing and more, acupuncture promotes energy flow, relaxation, pain relief, healing and balance.

Treatment is very individualized and various herbal/dietary therapies and no-needle techniques such as cupping, ear seeds, press tacks and alternative points may be utilized.

Morning, lunch-hour and evening hours available!


Your First Visit

Prior to your first visit, please take a few moments to complete your New Patient Intake paperwork HERE or arrive 10-minutes early to complete a paper version, as this will provide our Doctors with the required information to evaluate your health needs to ensure the utmost care.

During your first visit, you will share information about your diet, lifestyle, sleep habits, urinary and digestive health, medications, family health history and your reasons for seeking acupuncture care at this time. A physical assessment may include some gentle palpation, checking your pulse and showing the Doctor your tongue. You can expect to undress to your comfort level before laying under sheets like in a massage or you may be asked change into a gown or shorts (provided) if requested for access to various meridian points. Aside from an slight stinging sensation when the needle is inserted, acupuncture is virtually painless. You may feel a sensation of heaviness or tingling (referred to as "De Qi" energy) during acupuncture stimulation, followed by relaxation, tiredness or boosted energy, depending on the treatment.

After your treatment, some homecare recommendations may have been suggested to you including diet/herbal and lifestyle modifications, press tacks or ear seeds application and various follow-up treatment. Expect to see our Doctors a once a week for a 2-5 visits as imbalance is corrected and symptoms subside and then occasionally after that for best results. As they have accumulated over time, chronic conditions may require additional time to correct. Your compliance with our team's recommendations will ensure optimal results!

Some of the numerous benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine include:​

  • achievement of balance in body and mind

  • relief of acute and chronic pain

  • healing and management of sports injuries

  • demonstrated success in fertility, pregnancy relief and breech correction and natural labour induction support

  • hormonal balance, postpartum, PCOS & menopause support

  • a safe, natural and effective approach to pediatric care

  • relief of chronic conditions and illness

  • increased energy

  • improvement of digestive complaints

  • stress reduction and relief of emotional / psychological challenges

  • effective treatment without unwanted pharmaceutical side effects

  • often fully or partially covered by health insurance plans

A variety of holistic healthcare services and support products complement acupuncture treatment to help ensure optimal function and prevention of future ailments. Our additional health services and hi-tech modalities include:

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Providing Only the Best

Our practitioners are dedicated to providing thorough and personable services. Advanced training, expertise and collaboration of our healthcare providers help patients attain improved physical stability, strength and restored mobility, reduced or eliminated pain and degeneration, as well as improved internal health and overall lifestyle.

Our Doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine provide a holistic approach to preventative healthcare, promoting wellness through many modalities including acupuncture, auricular (ear acupuncture), skull acupuncture, orthopedic sports acupuncture, acupressure, herbology, cupping, moxibustion, tuina (Chinese massage) diet therapy, and qigong (exercise). Working to regulate the body's vital substances by decreasing pathological excess, by restoring a deficiency, or by removing an obstruction causing pain in order to achieve system balance of the body.


Lee W. says...

"I absolutely love the chiropractors and acupuncturist in this clinic. They are amazing. They helped me during my twin pregnancy, with my other children, and my overall health. Recommend for anyone and especially pregnant women and young children."

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