April 6, 2020

Dear patients,

Although there may be feelings of uncertainty at this time as we overcome the COVID-19 crisis, please know that this is temporary and we will get through this together.

This too shall pass.  

Controlling the controllables is all we can do.

Rest assured that our city, province and country is doing what we can to limit the spread of the virus by taking various precautions.

Please be advised that due to the current COVID-19 crisis and provincial recommendation to limit personal contact through social distancing and self-isolation, our clinic will be closed effective March 21st 2020 to April, 13th 2020, check for updates April 10th. The Government of Alberta is trying to limit non-essential close interactions in the community in an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19, while at the same time keeping people out of emergency departments for services that regulated health professionals can provide in the community, such as Chiropractors. We can be available on an emergency basis for Chiropractic including acute pain relief, critical and emergency care to patients at this time, per our discretion. As per provincial government regulations, Chiropractic clinics are not permitted to provide any other (in-person) service to their patients if it does not constitute urgent, critical or emergency care.

We're here for you!

1. TeleHealth (video chat) options are available, please email virtual appointment requests
at or click here to send a message through the website and we will try our best to accommodate as appropriate. This gives patients access to our Doctors' expertise, visual assessment and helpful pain relief tips from the comfort of their home using a personal device (laptop, tablet, mobile phone). The telehealth billing advisory for Alberta Chiropractors is currently:

  1.  $45 for an initial 15 minute session,

  2.  $15 per five minute increment after the initial 15-minute session as required.

2. Patients may also email us at for foam-rolling, self-massage, acupressure techniques, stretches or exercise tips to help support you at home for the time being. Supplements and pain relief support products can also be delivered to you, please email - online store coming soon!

3. Please email us for urgent in-person treatment requests and other inquiries at or click here to send a message through the website and we will try our best to accommodate as appropriate.

NOTICE: If you are ill with cough/cold/flu/fever/sore throat (even minor) in the past 14 days, and/or have traveled on an airplane in the past 4-6 weeks, and/or have come into contact with someone who has tested positive for coronavirus, unfortunately you will not be able to enter the clinic at this time and should self-isolate immediately as a precaution. We strongly recommend that the immunodeficient, children and patients over the age of 60 years old take extra precautions in our community and practice social-distancing.

**Please see AHS self-assessment/pre-screening tool for necessary self-isolation and social distancing tips:

To protect yourself while out in public, wash your hands frequently, and maintain a distance of about 2 metres from others.

Please respect Canadian travel restrictions and check out the AHS or local news resources for updates as things progress.

6 helpful tips to keep in mind:

  1. Wash your hands and self-isolate if you meet the criteria above as a precaution

    Why? This helps reduce spread to others and speeds up Canadian efforts to contain and control the virus quicker – the globe will thank you for your leadership

    Self-isolating? Make this time count! Take the opportunity to rest, heal, unwind, unplug, self-reflect and ‘get your house in order’

  2. Fortify your diet with nutritious foods, stay hydrated by drinking extra water, exercise daily get between 7-8 hours of sound sleep daily (the original immunity boost)

    Why? This helps strengthen your body’s natural defenses and functions, boosts mood and reduces the physical and emotional effects that stress or anxiety can have on the body

    Can’t get treatment due to closures? Email us for foam-rolling, self-massage, acupressure techniques, stretches or exercise tips to help support you at home for the time being

  3. Stay present!  

    Being mindful through meditation, prayer, yoga breathing techniques, knitting, baking, cleaning, exercising, walking, scrapbooking, crosswords/Sudoku etc., can keep an anxious mind from wandering into the fear of the unknown future or concerns about the knowns of the past by simply staying present.

    Why? Staying relaxed and mindful has been demonstrated to improve cognitive ability (rational thought processing) which can help you manage your emotions and keep you from feeling overwhelmed

    Did you know that looking at greenery (nature) can help lower high blood pressure and turn off the ‘fight or light’ stress response in the brain? Tip: check out Nature Videos on Youtube or the Calm app for daily meditation, sleep support and other great resources

  4. Stay connected to family, friends, colleagues in modified ways (such as email, text, phone, FaceTime, GoogleChat, Skype) instead of group gatherings

    Tip: leading with positivity will serve everyone better than venting

    Why? Reminding each other that we’re all in this together can help remove some personal feelings of burden and provide some helpful perspective

  5. Maintain an attitude of gratitude

    Why? Remembering all of the wonderful people in your life, in our community, and the strength and generosity of our incredible nation can help you from feeling scared to feeling proud and joyful

    Tip: check out our 5-minute gratitude practice here for an instant calm


Thank you for your continued trust and confidence, your cooperation with our changing policies and your consideration of our team and patient community is greatly appreciated. We look forward to treating you again in the near future.

We’re all in this together :)

Dr. Claudia Sacco, Emma Sacco
& QPC Team


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