What Is Class IV Laser Therapy?

What Are The Benefits of Cold Laser?

As utilized by the Calgary Flames and the Calgary Zoo, class IV therapeutic laser is a safe and effective modality within a Chiropractic preventative wellness care model for optimal health.


The most advanced cold laser on the market, the Class IV is a powerful and highly effective tool useful for accelerating healing and reducing pain. It utilizes specific wavelengths of light (red and near-infrared) to stimulate the body's natural ability to heal. Learn more

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Your First Visit

Prior to your first visit, please take a few moments to complete your New Patient Intake paperwork online HERE or arrive 10-minutes early to complete a paper version, as this will provide our Doctors with the required information to evaluate your health needs to ensure the utmost care.

During your first visit, you will share information about your health, such as any injury or surgery, medications, family health history and your reasons for seeking Class IV Laser at this time. A physical assessment may include: posture, range of motion, reflexes, vitals, and other orthopaedic and neurologic tests. The laser is a passive device, a mild warmth and a beeping may take place throughout. Gown or shorts are provided if needed. Should you be interested in Chiropractic adjustment, gentle manual, Activator, Flexion-Distraction or drop-table adjustments may take place as well as some soft tissue techniques for enhanced range of motion. Your required treatment plan will be outlined for your optimal results. Some patients may require x-rays in order to provide greater insight into their condition, at that point in time we will provide you with the required referral information.​

After your treatment, some homecare recommendations may have been suggested to you including gentle stretches or exercises, water/diet/lifestyle modifications, ice/heat application and various follow-up treatment. Expect to book several consecutive treatments at first for best results or on occasion for the pain reduction of acute flare-ups. As they have accumulated over time, chronic conditions may require additional time to correct. Your compliance with our team's recommendations will ensure optimal results!

Some of the numerous benefits of Class IV Laser therapy include:​

  • vastly improved healing time

  • relief from muscle and joint soreness

  • ideal for disc conditions due to passive nature and powerful abilities

  • accelerate healing of  soft tissue tears, bone fractures and surgical wounds

  • pain reduction

  • increased circulation and decreased swelling

  • often fully or partially covered by health insurance plans

Direct billed to insurance under Chiropractic coverage!
5-8 sessions is highly recommended for optimal results.

A variety of holistic healthcare services and support products complement Class IV Laser to help ensure optimal function and prevention of future ailments. Our additional health services and hi-tech modalities include:

Direct insurance billing available for all services.
Individual plan restrictions apply. Learn more 




Providing Only the Best

Our clinic utilizes state of the art technologies so our patients can get back to life faster! Powerful Chiropractic modalities including Motion Metascan Gait Analysis, Class IV Cold Laser Therapy (see video), Radial Shockwave Therapy/ESWT and TENS, are often preferred to various treatments (or even surgeries) due to their demonstrated effectiveness and non-invasive nature.

Class IV Laser therapy is utilized by prominent clinicians and professional athletes around the world and praised for its proven results and we are thrilled to provide patients access to these amazing FDA approved tools. With its range of functionality, it is ideal for treating both acute and chronic conditions including skeletal fractures, sprains, disc conditions, soft tissue strains or tears, swelling, incision or post-surgical healing and general pain reduction.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I book my baby's Cake Smash & Splash?

I recommend booking your Cake Smash & Splash Session a couple of months in advance to ensure availability and a good choice of dates. Some clients choose to have their session around 3 weeks before their child's birthday so that they have the finished images ready to make thank you cards etc. Others prefer to have the session as part of the celebrations or even on the big day itself.

What theme can I have?

I love designing beautiful new Cake Smash themes! There are lots of examples on my website of themes which can be adapted and personalised or I am always happy to hear new ideas! The choices are endless! If you're having a hard time choosing, I am always happy to help! Some clients simply send me a mood board and I work from there.

Do you provide a cake?

Yes! A beautiful handmade cake to match your theme is included. Our cakes are made by the amazing Sharon at Sugar Wish Cakes and Bakes based in Salisbury. She has been making cakes for me for over five years now and they are always beautiful and delicious! You will be asked if your child has any allergies during your pre-session consultation. Cakes can be made dairy, egg or gluten if required.

What if my baby doesn't eat the cake?

Some babies eat the cake, others just play with it! Whatever they do, it is really more about messy play than eating lots of cake and most clients have some cake left to take home with them.

What happens after my session?

After your session I will select and hand-edit 30-40 images which tell the story of your baby's session. I aim to include as much variety as possible so your gallery with have a mixture of detail and wide shots. While smiles are lovely, I also include your baby's many other expressions which show their personality. Giving your baby a lovely sticky cake to play with is a great way to elicit some wonderful expressions! Within 2 weeks of your session your full gallery will be available to download from a password protected online gallery and your USB will be ready to collect from the studio at your convenience.

What should we bring to our Cake Smash & Splash?

Please bring all your usual baby supplies (although we have spares of most things in the studio) and a feed/ snack for your baby. Don't forget any outfits that you plan to wear. Your baby will need something to wear for the cake smash and for the family images if you choose to have them. Depending on your theme you may be able to use something from our studio wardrobe for the cake smash - just ask! We will supply a towel to dry baby after the bath. If your baby has sensitve skin and uses a particular bubble bath, please bring this with you.

How long does the session last?

Cake Smash & Splash sessions last around one and a half hours in the studio. It's best not to have something else to rush off to immediately afterwards - or bring a change of clothes if you do!

Can we have some family photographs too?

Yes! There is an option to upgrade your baby's Cake Smash & Splash session to include a family mini session at the start of your Cake Smash & Splash.

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